The Great Kindness Challenge

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What is The Great Kindness Challenge?
The Great Kindness Challenge is one school week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible, choosing from our checklist of 50 suggestions. The next Great Kindness Challenge takes place on January 25-29, 2016, and you can join the over 2 million students that participated last year. The GKC has the power to increase empathy, tolerance, and compassion for all students from kindergarten through high school.

Jill McManigal, Executive Director of Kids for Peace, stated, “When students perform kind act after kind act after kind act, kindness becomes a habit. When kindness becomes a habit, peace becomes possible.”

Imagine students complimenting each other, reaching out to a lonely child, picking up trash, surprising friends with happy notes in their backpacks, thanking their teachers creatively, and eating lunch with a new group of friends. These kind acts and more will happen in schools across all 50 states during the 5th Annual Great Kindness Challenge ! Schools complement and enhance the GKC week with kindness rallies, anti-bullying essay contests, kindness-themed spirit days, the GKC theme song (Kind-Hearted Hand), and Kindness Stations at recess to practice and reinforce the idea that Kindness Matters! (All ideas and content available in our free Toolkit!)

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What does my school have to do to enroll?
Enrolling is FREE and EASY: Just fill out our Registration Form!
You will then be prompted to download the checklist and also be given our FREE toolkit! Place the Great Kindness Challenge on your school calendar and website for 2016.

Who Created The Great Kindness Challenge?
The Great Kindness Challenge was created by Kids For Peace, in 2011, when we were asked to help stop school bullying. In 2012, the Great Kindness Challenge was piloted with 1614 students in 3 schools in Carlsbad, CA. By 2013 we’d grown the program to include 113,954 students in 263 schools. And last year, in 2015, we surpassed 2.1 million students who together achieved 109,344,450 acts of KINDNESS!