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Kids for Peace Lo
The Great Kindness Challenge is proudly presented by Kids for Peace, a global 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides a platform for young people to actively engage in socially conscious leadership, community service, arts, environmental stewardship and global friendship. Kids for Peace was co-founded in 2006 by a high school honors student and a mother of two young children who was an elementary school teacher. What started organically as a neighborhood group of kids wanting to make our world a better place, has grown into an interconnected network of young peace-builders worldwide.
In 2011, Kids for Peace was asked by an elementary school to help create a more positive, unified and respectful school environment. As a result, The Great Kindness Challenge-School Edition was designed and then piloted in 2012 at three Carlsbad, California schools. Because of its innovative approach and wildly successful results, word spread and in 2015, an inspiring 2,188,669 students participated and performed over 109 million acts of kindness.
At the heart of the Great Kindness Challenge is the simple belief that kindness is strength.  We also believe that any action that’s repeated over and over becomes a habit. With the Great Kindness Challenge checklist in hand, students have the opportunity to repeat kind act after kind act after kind act. As kindness becomes a habit, the culture is shifted and peace becomes possible.
This is a grassroots movement to make our schools, communities and world a kinder and more compassionate place for all. We are grateful to you for helping implement The Great Kindness Challenge at your school. We invite you to encourage other schools to also take the challenge. Through word of mouth, The Great Kindness Challenge will continue to grow and cultures of kindness will thrive on campuses across the globe. Working together, we will indeed prove that KINDNESS MATTERS!
info@greatkindnesschallenge.org or call 760.846.0608